Bornholm has been of the top-ranking places to visit in Scandinavia and it has been considered the summer capital of Denmark.  Tourist destinations, tourist attractions, tourist activities, and many more, are things that a tourist can expect when visiting Bornholm through Justboats.


We are all been a tourist once or more in our lives and experiencing extraordinary in a place that we dream to visit gives us more of a lifetime experience.  Bornholm has been known for a long time not just in Scandinavia but in entire Europe for its pristine shorelines, amazing graphite cliffs, dramatic caves, and beautiful view of the island while on top of the cliffs or while cruising in the waters surrounding the island.  With this, a more personalized cruising trip will give a much more tailored experience for the tourists and visitors visiting Bornholm.

Justboats just a newly introduced company that provides the most personalized way of touring Bornholm giving their customers a special tour using their electric boats with their own personal boat captain who will give them the most memorable cruise tour along Bornholm.  Currently, Justboats offers special and personal tour packages in the two major spots in Bornholm which are Hammerhavn and Svaneke and more to come soon.  Each tour packages have its different options like “Grand Tours”, “Cava Tours”, and “Sunset Tours”.  JustBoats will give a spectacular cruising trip that passes through Hammerhavn caves, fortress views, shore cliffs, and more.

Justboats give the best assurance possible to the enjoyment and nature trip experiences to the tourists as they advise the customers to have an advance booking in order to secure slots for their boat tours.  Justboats also give peace of mind for their clients wherein they are able to get their full refund for any cancellations made in 48 hours while half refund for any cancellations made in 24 hours prior to the scheduled boat trip.  

The boating and cruising experience will surely be unforgettable if it’s all personalized.  Bookings can be done per head, for any kind of plans to have a boat party while cruising with your selected people, you may do so, or have an intimate cruising trip with your loved one only while enjoying the views of Bornholm while being driven by a well-experienced captain that takes care of the boat trip.  

It is surely a chance of a lifetime to experience the best boat tours in Bornholm through JustBoats.  Don’t miss the chance and book your trips through their website at and explore the desired boat tour packages that you like.