Chronicle: Better dynamics when more people communicate

That is the opinion of Nina Jansdotter, Dagens PS’s career coach and digital expert.

Communicating on social media has become an increasing part of many people’s everyday work. Since it is labor-intensive to work in social media, it can be a good idea to have more people writing posts and helping to monitor the same channels. Then of course it is not about personal accounts but about company pages on Linkedin, likes, groups on Facebook or on company accounts linked to Instagram and the like.

There is often more dynamism with more people communicating, it can also be more creative because it is common to get stuck over time in how to write. And it does not amuse anyone – neither you nor your followers. Most important of all is that everyone involved can focus on what he / she thinks is fun and passionate about and good at, and wants to express more instead of everyone posting cloned posts. Someone might like to take pictures and is the best at it. Someone else might be good at filming and someone else might be better at writing posts, creating dialogue and spreading it. Everyone can contribute their energy and their ideas.

Social media does not sleep.

Multiple moderators are a strength. It is good that there are several of you who can steer so that dialogues do not derail in hatred and and violations. And if someone has a question, it can result in a quick response. Social media does not sleep. I have seen that pages have been attacked in the middle of the night and then it is not fun to log in in the morning and clear comments from trolls.
If there are large channels with many followers, it can be good to set an “on-call schedule”, so that there is always someone who keeps an eye on what is happening. It is sad, of course, that it is more or less a must with monitoring and moderation when groups or pages grow, but there is nothing we can change.

However, it is important that everyone knows what the purpose of the page is and that you have common guidelines for which tone should apply. What do you do when you receive complaints and criticism? Set up routines for how it should be handled. Give each other different responsibilities – everyone should know what to do so that things do not fall between the seats. Find a strategy that works.

You need to see what creates good visibility.

But will it not be too scattered then if there are many voices in the same channel? Now we are all different and it’s a bit what is the charm of being several, that the style of the posts differs. Several can answer the company’s phone and have different ways of responding to customers. It is excellent to act in the same way on Facebook without it becoming strange. Sometimes some companies reinforce the effect that there are several who write by everyone signing the post with their name to show who is the “self” behind the post. It is not a must but it then automatically becomes more personal. The recipients / readers understand that it is a person they are communicating with and not a logo.

Better dynamics when more people communicate

As I said – it is good that everyone knows what guidelines the site has and talks about what works and can be done better. Getting social media to work and become active in a good way that benefits one’s business and / or one’s goals is a lot of learning by doing. You have to feel for and test yourself – and learn from your mistakes. You need to see what creates good visibility and constantly screw up a little extra to get that best mix of posts, which means that followers continue to follow the page or your group with great interest.

Good luck!

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