Coach with the theme driving force in focus

Malin Rosén works as a therapist and cognitive coach, where she helps people to strengthen their self-esteem and also develop to their full potential. She many who do not dare to show who they are or think they are good enough. It can be people who do not dare to start their long-awaited business or take on more of life. Malin is passionate about change. Here she explains why the theme of driving force is an important and interesting topic.

Malin usually says that she helps people to bring out their inner drive and integrate it with themselves. She came to focus on people’s driving force when she started working as a coach in 2014. The following year, she started the podcast Drivkraften and then she began to seriously spin on what the word meant to her.

– Then I realized that was what I did in my conversations, something happens to the people I meet, they usually say that they wake up to life and have more joy of life and energy than they have known before. 

She adds that she loves what the word driving force stands for. For her, it’s about living out her life and making the best of it. To have a good driving force is, according to her, to see things from more perspectives, to see opportunities, instead of problems. It is also about daring to invest and also daring to fail but also daring to succeed.

– Many are afraid of success, I see. They are not used to feeling good or believing in their dreams. Therefore, you have to dare to shine and radiate and dare to stand out to feel good, I think. A good driving force for me is not to let yourself be limited by your fears but to focus more on what you want out of life, says Malin, with emphasis.


Why is it important to find your driving force?

– It is important because it increases one’s well-being to feel that one has control over one’s life, control in a positive way. Focus more on your life than on interfering with others. Focusing on the wrong things makes you paralyzed. Focusing on your own life gives you power and meaning. When you believe in yourself and dare to realize what you are passionate about, you strengthen both self-esteem and self-confidence. 

What drives you?

– To experience things. To be able to change and influence for others, to start new projects and challenge myself and also inspire others to do the same. To develop, quite simply. 

You have to make a decision, she continues. A decision that is about what direction you want in your life. I know where I want and how I want to feel during the day, I do not let chance decide. That is one of the most important things. Getting to know yourself and being honest with yourself. If what I do or am today takes me where I want to go, or if I feel worse. Being able to control your thoughts is so important, she points out. The thoughts affect my results. So her first tip is to grab her thoughts and see how they are today:

– If you can change your thoughts, then you can more easily change the situation you are in today. What do you want and what should be your first step there? How would you feel good about living your life? Does what you live today agree with your values? Do you feel true to yourself during the day? These are some questions I usually ask. 

When someone loses momentum

It is easier to suffer from mental illness if you lose your drive, Malin has experienced in her job. If I do not have a driving force, I feel more meaningless. It is destructive to self-esteem. We want to be able to feel that we can influence our lives, it strengthens us. Then it is, according to her, important to go back to: What would I need right now to feel good?

– It’s about our basic needs. And also ask yourself, what could have been the reason I lost my drive? Do I need to adjust something in my life that affects me negatively without me even knowing about it?

A common reason why the driving force is lost can be that you prioritize other things than those you need to feel good. You may not have been careful enough about how your thoughts go. Or you may have chosen the wrong company for a while or been in too many difficult situations without recharging with new energy. It is important to agree with yourself every week on how you feel and live, to always reflect on yourself and your mood is super important to be aware of if something would affect you more than usual. What gives you energy today and what takes your energy?

– How can you do so you get a better balance here? And then not just thinking about it but doing something about it right away, many people put off such things for so long or claim that their particular situation cannot be changed, but that is not true. If you do not feel good about it, then you are worth something better. You have to dare to make decisions, if that sometimes means ending up with someone or changing jobs. 

Will a person’s driving force be more important in the future or less important do you think?

– It is very important, in these times. Now with the corona pandemic, many have begun to reflect on their lives and how they live. There are many who choose another profession and have found other ways to reach out or work. Much is changing that we must learn to relate to.

With a strong inner drive, it becomes easier because then you already have a strong meaning in your life. Not because of external reasons but because you control your mood and what you want to do with your life. It is a great advantage to know that, when difficult situations occur, says Malin. If you put all your happiness at work or let life choose for you and did not take command yourself, the pandemic came as a slap in the face to many.

Chronicle: Better dynamics when more people communicate

That is the opinion of Nina Jansdotter, Dagens PS’s career coach and digital expert.

Communicating on social media has become an increasing part of many people’s everyday work. Since it is labor-intensive to work in social media, it can be a good idea to have more people writing posts and helping to monitor the same channels. Then of course it is not about personal accounts but about company pages on Linkedin, likes, groups on Facebook or on company accounts linked to Instagram and the like.

There is often more dynamism with more people communicating, it can also be more creative because it is common to get stuck over time in how to write. And it does not amuse anyone – neither you nor your followers. Most important of all is that everyone involved can focus on what he / she thinks is fun and passionate about and good at, and wants to express more instead of everyone posting cloned posts. Someone might like to take pictures and is the best at it. Someone else might be good at filming and someone else might be better at writing posts, creating dialogue and spreading it. Everyone can contribute their energy and their ideas.

Social media does not sleep.

Multiple moderators are a strength. It is good that there are several of you who can steer so that dialogues do not derail in hatred and and violations. And if someone has a question, it can result in a quick response. Social media does not sleep. I have seen that pages have been attacked in the middle of the night and then it is not fun to log in in the morning and clear comments from trolls.
If there are large channels with many followers, it can be good to set an “on-call schedule”, so that there is always someone who keeps an eye on what is happening. It is sad, of course, that it is more or less a must with monitoring and moderation when groups or pages grow, but there is nothing we can change.

However, it is important that everyone knows what the purpose of the page is and that you have common guidelines for which tone should apply. What do you do when you receive complaints and criticism? Set up routines for how it should be handled. Give each other different responsibilities – everyone should know what to do so that things do not fall between the seats. Find a strategy that works.

You need to see what creates good visibility.

But will it not be too scattered then if there are many voices in the same channel? Now we are all different and it’s a bit what is the charm of being several, that the style of the posts differs. Several can answer the company’s phone and have different ways of responding to customers. It is excellent to act in the same way on Facebook without it becoming strange. Sometimes some companies reinforce the effect that there are several who write by everyone signing the post with their name to show who is the “self” behind the post. It is not a must but it then automatically becomes more personal. The recipients / readers understand that it is a person they are communicating with and not a logo.

As I said – it is good that everyone knows what guidelines the site has and talks about what works and can be done better. Getting social media to work and become active in a good way that benefits one’s business and / or one’s goals is a lot of learning by doing. You have to feel for and test yourself – and learn from your mistakes. You need to see what creates good visibility and constantly screw up a little extra to get that best mix of posts, which means that followers continue to follow the page or your group with great interest.

Good luck!

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