Hotel Danmark – a little gem in the center of Copenhagen

It had been a couple of years since I took the train to Copenhagen and I probably hadn’t really understood how much I had missed it until I was actually on my way over the bridge. There is such a lovely atmosphere in Kongens By, on many levels. This time I stayed at Hotel Danmark, which is a nice small hotel centrally located and with a family atmosphere.

It’s not really that far, but it always feels like I end up far away from Lund, where I live, when I cross the Sound. The feeling is to be more on the continent, in the middle of a throng of tourists from all over the world, and what is better then to stay in a hotel that is very centrally located, a stone’s throw from Central Station, Tivoli, Ströget and to a variety of cultural experiences, for those who Like it. In the midst of a lot going on, so to speak.

At Hotel Danmark there is a nice mix of guests from Denmark, of course and from all over Scandinavia as well as the UK, Germany and the USA.

  • Both the building and the design are unique to Hotel Danmark, she believes. The hotel is incredibly centrally located in the middle of Copenhagen’s fashion district and with several museums around. The building itself is from 1791 and 1969, says Mette Sølvhøj, Head of Brand & Digital.

It is a listed building and it is a characteristic of all Brochner Hotels that they are original buildings with lots of history, which is reflected in the hotels, she adds.

What do your guests say they like the most?

  • Our rooftop terrace and bar on the seventh floor is also something that appeals to many of our guests, as well as the fact that we have plenty of brands of champagne in our bubble bar in the lobby, together with our hospitality and good service, says Mette.

Then I myself can add that I and other guests seemed to appreciate that they have two occasions when we were invited to drink well. In the afternoon they have what they call “Wine Hour” when the guests are invited to a glass of wine and in the evening it is “Nightcap Hour”, where a variety of fine Italian liqueurs were presented and served in a cozy environment. Like being at someone’s house at a private relaxed party.

It was really nice to hang out there after being around a lot at various sights all day. And also by bike. It was the first time for me to cycle in Copenhagen and I would love to do it again, because there is a lot to see and experience and the legs get tired from walking. I appreciated the possibility to rent a bike at the hotel.

Another thing I like about Hotel Danmark is their organic breakfast which was served in small glass bowls. Fresh and nicely served and tasty. It was a really good start to the day.

And so I conclude by reminding you who will soon visit Copenhagen that there are many more streets to discover than Ströget. Yes, Ströget is a wonderful street and I never get tired of strolling around there, but many side streets also have nice shops, cafes and restaurants to browse.

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